Spice Girly night in!

Last night the men in our lives were out and about in town with their respective amigos, so my daughter, Faye, came round and we decided to have a cook off and then settle down to watch the film The Dressmaker. A proper girls night in! … Continue reading


Healthy Swaps -Turkey Bolognese

I always get excited when my new edition of Women’s Health comes through the letter box.  It inspires me to keep healthy and I look forward to the recipes.  This edition didn’t disappoint! … Continue reading

GF Sausage, parsnip and apple hash with red cabbage

This is the most delicious dinner ever.  It’s free from carbs and packs a punch.  You need sausage meat, but as I’ve never seen gluten free sausage meat anywhere, I tend to use my favourite sausages and squeeze the meat out of the casings – it’s also good therapy!

To make you will need: … Continue reading