Healthy Swaps -Turkey Bolognese

I always get excited when my new edition of Women’s Health comes through the letter box.  It inspires me to keep healthy and I look forward to the recipes.  This edition didn’t disappoint!

When I saw the article and recipe for swapping various elements in a Bolognese to be more healthy I was thrilled, I’ve been cutting down on beef and lamb lately as I am finding them hard to digest and not enjoying them, so the idea of making Bolognese with turkey was just what I have been looking for. It also suggests making butternut squash spaghetti, which I had the most fun in making as I was able to use my new Spiralizer.

I made the recipe, which is in full on, there is just one thing to note though, it makes for four servings and not two as it says on the recipe, which I confirmed with Rob Hobson the nutritionist who developed the recipe.


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