Something chocolatey and vegan!

My daughter asked me if I could make her some vegan chocolate cakey. So I trawled through the internet and my cook books for inspiration and eventually found a recipe for chocolate banana muffins in ‘Kitchen by Nigella’, I’ve had this book for years and I have made many of the recipes. 

This recipe wasn’t vegan or gluten free, so I thought I would experiment and try converting it.  I used Dove Farm gluten free plain flour and Orgran egg replacer instead of egg, I also changed vegetable oil for organic coconut oil as I am trying not to use heavily processed foods in my diet and vegetable oils are one of them.

The result……

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As you can see they came out pretty good, the texture was fairly dense, but then muffins with banana in usually are.  My daughter loved them and so did her vegan friends. However, I didn’t!  The problem I had is –  I love the banana muffins I make and I love the chocolate brownies that I make, both are gluten free but not vegan, but chocolate and banana together in a muffin – well it just messed with my senses!

So the hunt for a perfect vegan, and gluten free, chocolate cakey continues…….


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