Street Food at Kingston

This weekend we were at Kingston Upon Thames. We had tickets to The Rose Theatre to see The Christmas Carol, which was excellent.  Before the show we had a little stroll around The Christmas Market in the town centre.  We were a bit peckish and decided to have a look around the street food vendors to see if there was anything I could have.  My hubby had spotted what he was going to have and that was a huge Bratwurst sausage in a roll, but he wasn’t going to have that until I found something.  Then I spotted the sign…..


I was so excited as I was truly hungry.  The food consisted of a delicious hand made patty made from maize meal and I chose the chicken with everything.  Which included cheese, mashed avacado and beans.  It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hubby had his Bratwurst, but he wished he had what I had as he said it tasted more wholesome.


I took a picture of the stall, the owner kindly posed for me….





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