Review – The new Eat Healthy Mag

I was browsing in WHSmith the other week and came across this magazine.  I’d never seen it before and that was because it was brand new and I was actually looking at the first issue. As I flicked through it I found that I really liked the look of it, it was colourful and had lots of interesting and informative articles as well as a host of recipes that were gluten free as well as healthy.  The recipes looked easy and ones that I wanted to instantly try, I also liked the cover fold which is a quick contents for all the recipes in the issue.  There’s nothing more frustrating when you look through the magazine and see a recipe you want to try and when you go back to the magazine, no matter how many times you flick through you seem to miss it – or is that just me!

The Mag is bi-monthly and here are some of the recipes I have tried so far….



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