Changing taste buds and not every dinner is a success…

So, on a Sunday evening I often spend an hour or so browsing through my cookbooks and previous recipes for inspiration for the following weeks dinners, it is a known fact that if you plan your weekly menu ahead and make a list of all the ingredients you need to buy when you go food shopping, that you not only save money but you save waste too as you are only buying what you need and not what takes your fancy.I came across an old favourite ‘Baked – Maple Glazed Salmon’, you basically make a glaze by boiling orange juice, maple syrup, grated ginger and crushed garlic, then you brush onto your salmon fillets and roast in the oven for about 10 mins or until cooked to your liking, brushing more of the glaze half way cooking. The recipe pairs it with wilted spinach, but I cooked it with new potatoes and steamed veg.

Here’s a photo of the finished meal…

Baked maple glazed salmon. Not one of our favourites anymore. See for the whole story #verysweet

We ate the meal, but we were both not feeling it. We had had this many times before, although not for a while, and always enjoyed it. I turned to my hubby and asked him what he really thought of the meal, he said he liked the steamed veg, but the salmon was too sweet. And that’s what it was, I have been cooking a lot of meals lately that have been spicier and saucier and this just didn’t live up to it. So I totally agreed that we both didn’t like this anymore and so I don’t forget and 6 months down the line make it again, I have put a little note on the recipe ‘don’t like anymore – too sweet’!  And do you know, the only thing on my plate that I did enjoy, was the potatoes. I thought even the vegetables were bland and I prefer to add spices or onions or some other flavour.

What has happened to my taste buds!  My saving grace for the evening meal was the delicious apple crumble that I made for afters – this is the best gluten free crumble I make that I have perfected over the years, I will be putting the recipe and photos on here soon.


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