CNM Vegan Natural Chef In Training – with a few curve balls thrown in!

In the beginning of March 2020, I signed up for a diploma course at The College Of Naturopathic Medicine in London, to train to become a Vegan Natural Chef.  I had been procrastinating for a couple of years about doing this course and finally went for it!  The chef training was to start in the CNM kitchen in May, it runs for 11 months and there are around 19 classes that are for one full day, every two weeks. First, I had to complete and pass two theory courses: Anatomy & Physiology and Vegan Nutrition for Every Day Living.

Who knew that two weeks later that we would be thrown into turmoil and enter something that to this day feels like a bad movie – “Covid-19 The Pandemic”.

The theory courses were delivered online – no drama there, but when May arrived and we were to start our chef training, we were still in Lockdown. 

So our chef training started as zoom lectures followed by demos and as soon as lockdown was to finish we would catch up with our practical sessions in the kitchen.

Forward wind to 3rd September 2020 and we are back in the kitchen – Hoorah! It was an epic day, I got to pick up my chefs knives and practice chopping and slicing all sorts of veg to an inch of their lives (anyone seen Julia & Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, you know what I mean) and then create yummy food and eat it!

Then, another curve ball! My hip replacement dislocated! I was just simply bending down, I went to stand up and there was a horrendous grinding sound/feeling and it had come out the socket.  Anyone who has ever fractured their hip and then experienced the dislocating the hip, will now be wincing as they will know how excruciatingly painful both are.

A short spell in hospital and I was sent home on crutches with all the equipment to recuperate at home. Told it could be at least 6-12 weeks before I was able to get back to my life!

The college were great and deferred my course to the next class, which I restarted in December 2020. I attended one kitchen session and we went into lockdown again – back to zoom!

Forward wind to April 2021- College due to re-open and our first class back was on 11th April, it was to be Vegan Nut Cheese Workshop and I couldn’t wait.

Then it happened , on April 1st 2021, lifted up my knee to look at a cut, that awful sound, my hip had dislocated again!

This time I was sent home from hospital, on crutches again and wearing a ‘cricket pad brace’, this is to keep my leg straight to stop me from bending and doing anything I shouldn’t.  I’ve got to wear this for six weeks until I see the specialist.

Again the college were brilliant, I requested that I didn’t want to be deferred again, I’m hoping that I can rejoin my current class in six weeks and catch up with those I miss in other classes. Fingers crossed.


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