Yak and Yeti

It all started with a take-a-way menu posted through the door.  I picked it up to throw in the recycle bin and noticed that it had a key on the dishes to show whether it contained gluten, so I took a closer look. The restaurant is part of a small chain, the others being in Crystal Palace, Eltham and Finsbury Park.  On the menu it states that the food is a combination of Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan cuisine, this sounded delicious and worth a visit.  So I booked me and hubby a table.

We arrived and was seated on a table that fortunately for me had good lighting so that I could take pictures for my review.  I asked the guys if they didn’t mind if I took photos and explained that I wanted to add them to my gluten free blog, they were cool about it.  One asked if it was for Trip Advisor and my hubby said that it was for my website that was bigger, I think he was hoping for a free meal!

Whilst we were perusing the menu, the waiter brought some papadoms and chutneys for us to munch on.  The chutneys were delicious, especially the carrot one which had a saucy kick to it.

We skipped starters and went straight for the mains, we chose hariyali chicken, chicken chettinad, mushroom rice and sag aloo.  The two chicken dishes were marked as ‘madras hot’, we both can take our spice so this was ok for us, although I did notice a few beads of sweat on my hubby’s face when he was eating his.  The food was as delicious as hoped, I particularly liked their take on sag aloo which is spinach and potatoes, this was fresh and not sloppy like some sag aloo.

Yak and Yeti gets a big thumbs up and we will definitely be going there again and again!

Hariyali chicken – chicken cooked with fresh coriander sauce, fresh mint, garlic, ginger and green chili. This dish tastes as fresh as it sounds

Chicken chettinad – chicken breast cooked in the typical Tamil Nadu (a state in India) style with green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds, a spicy treat.


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