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Rhubarb Leathers

Last year Hubby planted Rhubarb and this year we had a bumper crop. I wanted to experiment with it and I’ve always wanted to have a go at making fruit leathers, so I decided to make rhubarb ones. Fruit Leathers are basically pureed fruit that is dehydrated until it’s dry, but not brittle, then cut…

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Red Wine Risotto

This is a lovely risotto recipe that is flavoursome and it’s easy to make. A great mid-week dinner inspo. I have adapted it to be vegan and for two portions. Choose a nice Italian wine, like Valpolicella, so that you can enjoy the rest with the meal. Recipe…. Red Wine Risotto servings – 2 cooking…

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Zingy Wakeup Juice

I make this juice for me and hubby most days; we love it and after I drink it, it makes me say ‘ Zigga, Zigga Ah’! ~ Sometimes I do go a bit mad with the ginger! It definitely wakes us up, that’s for sure. Nutritional Info… Fresh juices are a cocktail of vitamins, phytochemicals…

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